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The Kitchen Collection

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Jackie Balint, CKD  Owner


Jackie came to The Kitchen Collection in 1983 as an independent designer. In 1988 she and husband Barry became owners, turning it into a family business and are now joined by their daughter Debra.

Previously Barry was an officer in the U.S. Army and they had the privilege of living in 28 different places over 23 years.

Jackie grew up with a Dad who was an engineer but his hobby was rebuilding their house. He moved every existing wall and even the roof line. His two daughters were his helpers putting insulation in walls and straightening nails, and they thought nothing of walking around on bare floor joists."

Over the years  Jackie has built The Kitchen Collection by developing strong relationships with top local contractors and filling the showroom with the finest kitchen and bath products.

Barry Balint, our chief financial officer and go-to guy for tasks large and small. A military officer and aerospace industry veteran whose knack for logistics and problem-solving helps make daily life run smoothly.

Debra Balint received her design degree from FIT.


Debra has extensive studies in art history and period styles, design and cooking. She also has a background in construction, electricity, plumbing, and cabinet installation and the mechanics to provide the knowledge necessary to assist her clients in creating their perfect, functional kitchen.

Kelsie Longamore


Our showroom coordinator. Kelsie recently joined us although we have know her our whole life. She is Jackie’s grand-daughter and Debra’s niece.